A Definitive Guide on Hiring a Skip Removal Service

A Definitive Guide on Hiring a Skip Removal Service

September 08, 2021 - By Carmel Group

Being a busy person, a homemaker, or a full-time worker, it is challenging to dispose domestic waste on your own. One of the reasons why people look for the "best" skip removal company is to eliminate trash effectively and without too much hassle. You'll also need to hire a skip if you've decided to perform some constructing, decorating, gardening, or if consider taking on a significant decluttering project. You can save money, time, and avoid hassle by hiring a skip removal service from a reliable company. This article can allay your concerns and ensure a better grasp of the factors you should take into account before selecting a skip removal company.

What can be disposed of in the skip?

Although skips are used for rubbish, they can only be used to dispose items like bricks, rubble, wood, packaging, metal, furniture, plastic, and cardboard, as well as dirt. Batteries, asbestos, paints, solvents, refrigerators, cookers, televisions, and other hazardous wastes cannot be disposed of. You need to consult with your chosen firm to ensure you adhere to the laws. It is in your best interest to ensure that hazardous garbage is carried to the proper collection plants because improper waste disposal might result in a sizable charge.

Are you receiving value for your money?
Look around and compare prices before hiring a skip. Make sure they offer the greatest service and fair skip hire prices to their customers as well. Additionally, they ought to offer free delivery and pickup options, help with permit applications, and other services. Make sure they offer aftercare support in case of skip bin issue damage.

What skip size do you require?
You need to think about the size of the skips you need before ordering one. Skips are frequently overfilled, which increases the expense of removing the extra rubbish. Carrying overstuffed skips or bins can also cause legal problems. So, it's preferable to buy a size or two larger than you anticipate.

Here is a list of various types of skips classified according to the skip size.

  • Construction skips (6 & 8-yard skips): Construction skips are used for office or home clearouts. They have a capacity of about 50–60 trash bags. They enables the removal of up to 8 tonnes of soil, debris, or heavy builder's rubbish
  • Maxi skips (12 & 14 yards): Maxi skips are used to clear a larger office, a house, a garage, and a garden. The capacity of the skips is between 100 and 140 bin bags.
  • Roll-on, roll-off containers (20 & 35-yard skips): Roll-on, roll-off containers are designed for large-scale commercial and industrial applications. They have a capacity of between 220 and 360 bin bags.

The Bottom Line
Are you looking for a trustworthy skip removal company to dispose waste effectively and without too much hassle? Carmel Group provides quality skip removal services that best complement your needs. For more details, contact us today.

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