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Crushed Limestone Powder

Crushed Limestone Powder

Crushed limestone is a fine powder that is produced during tunnel construction. This substance is suggested to be used as a smart filler is highly plastic clay-sand liners, which are often employed in waste containment applications and other industries. Crushed limestone aggregates of various sizes are important in the creation of road base since it is a durable natural stone resource.When compared to the usual gravel used in cement concrete mixtures, crushed limestone aggregates showed to be almost 10% stronger. When compared to gravel that has a rounded form from natural processes, crushed limestone aggregates have an angular shape and sharp edges that give them their strength. High-quality crushed limestone powder suited for cable trench works is provided by the CARMEL GROUP in sizes 0-2 mm and 0-5 mm. Construction was authorised by Kahramaa access to all regions in QP, located in UMBAB & QPMC treasures.Ras Laffan, Dukhan, and Mesaieed are some of our top locations.

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