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Washed Sand

Washed Sand

The term "washed" describes the procedure of eliminating dust, silt, clay, and other unwelcome elements from the sand. The sand is permitted to drain once the extra materials have been taken out. Sand that has been well cleaned is perfect for rendering, mixing concrete, and creating a less malleable mortar that is frequently used for flagstones.While double-washed sand, which has had all impurities removed, is perfect for use in children's play pits, long jump pits, and gold bunkers, generally washed sand is suitable for rendering and exterior plastering. You may get assistance from CARMEL GROUP in selecting the ideal washed sand to suit your needs. We obtain materials directly from QPMC, QNCC, and QSTP. Located in UMBAB & QPMC crevices, access for all the locations in QP, suitable for cable trench operations & Kahramaa permitted building. Our prime locations include Ras Laffan, Dukhan, and Mesaieed.

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