CASE Backhoe Loader


CASE Backhoe Loader


Comprises of a tractor-like machine, backhoe loader are attached with a shovel/bucket in the style of a loader on the front and a backhoe on the back. Backhoe loaders are highly prevalent in urban engineering and minor construction projects (such as building a tiny house, restoring urban roadways, etc.) as well as in underdeveloped countries due to their (relatively) small size and adaptability. We provide a wide fleet of backhoe loaders for rent. Get the backhoe loader complementing your needs now.

General Information

  • MakeCASE
  • Model770EX MAGNUM
  • Additional FeaturesN/A
  • Year2019
  • Brand770EX MAGNUM
  • Equipment FeaturesDumping Height 2732 Mm, Loader Bucket Breakout Force 6570 Kgf, Bucket Capacity 1.1 Cum Backhoe Bucket Capacity 0.30 Cum, Maximum Lifting Capacity @ Maximum Hight 3700kg

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