3 Ton Zoomlion Forklift


3 Ton Zoomlion Forklift


The parking brake of 3 TON ZOOMLION FORKLIFT is protected by provisions and the emissions meet the most recent Chinese regulations. The operation efficiency of the machine is raised along with the running speed.  A brand-new, beautiful finish has been applied to the vehicle.  The hue is more accurately and delightfully suited. All these peculiarities make the vehicle super good. we are all set for the sale of forklift in Oman. We are the one of the authorized forklift sale in Oman especially the brand of zoomlion. This is commonly used as cargo handling equipment in warehouses.

General Information

  • BrandZoomlion
  • Model2022
  • Engine Isuzu japan
  • Seat1
  • Additional FeaturesCapacity :3 Ton Mast: 3 stage Cascade side shifter

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