ZL50GN XCMG Wheel Loader


ZL50GN XCMG Wheel Loader

Muscat, Oman

 XCMG ZL50GN wheel loaders have a customized engine that complies with China II emission standards and a strong torque reserve, which gives the machine enough power. This robust and versatile machine is designed to excel in various industries, from construction and mining to agriculture and logistics.

Key Features:

Impressive Power: The ZL50GN boasts a powerful engine and a robust drivetrain, ensuring it can handle heavy loads and demanding tasks with ease. It's the ideal solution for efficient material handling.

High Payload Capacity: With its generous payload capacity, this wheel loader can handle large volumes of material, making it a valuable asset for businesses looking to boost productivity.

Advanced Connectivity: Stay in control with real-time monitoring and diagnostics. The ZL50GN offers cutting-edge connectivity features, allowing you to optimize routes, track machine health, and manage your fleet with precision.

Ease of Maintenance: Designed for durability and straightforward maintenance, this wheel loader minimizes downtime, reducing your operational costs and keeping your projects on track.

Operator Comfort: The operator's cabin is designed for comfort and productivity. Its ergonomic layout and user-friendly controls ensure that operators can work efficiently and comfortably.

Environmentally Conscious: Choose the eco-friendly option with the ZL50GN's fuel-efficient engine technology, reducing emissions and promoting sustainability.

Adaptability: Customize the ZL50GN for your specific needs with a range of attachments, from buckets to forks to grapplers. It's a versatile workhorse for your job site.

Elevate Your Material Handling:

The ZL50GN XCMG Wheel Loader is more than just a machine; it's a strategic investment in your business. Whether you're in construction, mining, agriculture, or logistics, this wheel loader will enhance your material handling capabilities

General Information

  • BrandXCMG
  • Year2023
  • Capacity5 ton
  • Equipment FeaturesOperating weight: 17.1 t Bucket capacity: 3.0 m3 Maximum lifting force : 185 KN Static tipping load (full turn): 10000 kg Quick coupler with bucket, crane jib, fork

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