6x4 Boom Truck with 12 Ton XCMG Crane


6x4 Boom Truck with 12 Ton XCMG Crane


12-tone truck-mounted crane with a foldable arm from XCMG is characterized by single cylinder synchronization guy cable technique which increases its increased productivity. The advanced development of the Crain ensures extra reliability. Pentagon or hexagonal booms with more symmetrical centers have more anti-bending capacity. A compact hinge point design, alert device, integer lifting, and float three-point bridge structure contributeses to the characteristics of the vehicle. It is equipped with a strong slewing that can operate in a variety of environments. The anti-slewing impulse technology improves vehicle stability.

General Information

  • EngineWD615.47
  • Year2022
  • Seat2
  • Capacity12 Ton crane

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