Howo 7 6x4 Dump Truck


Howo 7 6x4 Dump Truck

Muscat, Oman

HOWO 7 6x4 Dump Truck: Where Power Meets Reliability

Powerhouse Performance: The HOWO 7 6x4 Dump Truck is engineered to conquer the most challenging terrains and heavy loads with unmatched power. It's your go-to solution for efficient and reliable hauling in construction, mining, and more.

High Payload Capacity: With a substantial payload capacity, this dump truck is designed to carry large volumes of materials, boosting your productivity and reducing downtime.

Tough Terrain Dominance: Thanks to its 6x4 configuration, the HOWO 7 excels in maintaining traction and stability on rugged terrains and construction sites, ensuring your tasks are completed without compromise.

Low Maintenance Costs: Built for durability and ease of maintenance, this dump truck minimizes downtime and repair expenses, making it a cost-effective choice for your operations.

Advanced Connectivity: Stay connected and in control with real-time monitoring and diagnostics. The HOWO 7 offers advanced connectivity options to optimize routes and enhance performance.

Precision Unloading: The dump mechanism is engineered for precision, ensuring efficient and safe unloading of materials, further increasing your operational efficiency.

Eco-Conscious Choice: Opt for eco-friendly operations with the HOWO 7's fuel-efficient engine technology, reducing emissions and promoting environmental responsibility.

Reliable Partner: Count on the HOWO 7 6x4 Dump Truck as your dependable workhorse for demanding projects. It's ready to tackle your toughest hauling needs with efficiency.

Upgrade your hauling capabilities and experience the perfect blend of power and reliability with the HOWO 7 6x4 Dump Truck. Whether you're moving earth, aggregate, or materials on construction sites or mining operations, this dump truck is engineered to exceed your expectations

General Information

  • ModelZZ4257N3247C1
  • EngineD12.42-20
  • Front axle loading capacity9tons
  • Rear axle loading capacity2x16 tons
  • GVW(kg)41000

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