Case Tele Handler


Case Tele Handler

Doha, Qatar

The Case Telehandler is a dynamic and powerful material handling machine that extends your reach and capabilities on the job site. With its telescopic boom and versatile attachments, this piece of equipment opens up a world of possibilities for lifting, reaching, and maneuvering heavy loads with precision and ease.

Key Features:

  1. Telescopic Boom: The Telehandler's telescopic boom allows it to extend both vertically and horizontally, reaching heights and distances that conventional forklifts or loaders cannot achieve.

  2. Diverse Attachments: Equipped with a variety of attachments such as forks, buckets, and lifting hooks, it can adapt to various tasks, from loading materials to hoisting equipment.

  3. Maneuverability: With its compact design and excellent maneuverability, the Case Telehandler can operate efficiently in confined spaces and on rugged terrain.

  4. Operator Comfort: Comfortable cabs and intuitive controls enhance the operator's experience, promoting efficiency and safety.


  1. Construction: Telehandlers are used for a multitude of construction tasks, including lifting and placing steel beams, concrete forms, and building materials at elevated heights.

  2. Agriculture: They assist with tasks such as loading hay bales, stacking pallets of feed, and reaching tall silos on farms.

  3. Warehouse Operations: Telehandlers are employed in warehouses for high-level material stacking, retrieving goods from tall racks, and efficiently organizing inventory.

  4. Landscaping: In landscaping, they are used to transport heavy potted plants, trees, and landscape materials, making it easier to create stunning outdoor spaces.

  5. Utility and Maintenance: Telehandlers are vital for utility companies, helping to position heavy utility poles and perform maintenance on power lines and transformers.

  6. Event Setup: Telehandlers are useful for event planners and rental companies in setting up stages, lighting rigs, and other equipment at outdoor events.

  7. Waste Management: They handle bulky waste materials and assist in dumping bins into collection vehicles at waste disposal sites.

  8. Infrastructure: Telehandlers play a role in infrastructure projects, such as lifting and positioning precast concrete elements for bridges and roadways.

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