XCMG 5 Ton Wheel Loader


XCMG 5 Ton Wheel Loader

Doha, Qatar

The XCMG 5-Ton Wheel Loader stands as a testament to cutting-edge engineering in heavy machinery. With its remarkable power, precise control, and impressive load-bearing capacity, it redefines efficiency in various industrial applications.

Key Features:

  1. Impressive Load Capacity: This wheel loader can effortlessly handle up to 5 tons of material, making it perfect for tasks that demand heavy lifting and material transport.

  2. Efficient Engine: Equipped with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine, the XCMG 5-Ton Wheel Loader delivers optimal performance while minimizing operational costs.

  3. Versatile Attachments: It can be fitted with a range of attachments, including buckets, forks, grapples, and more, allowing it to adapt to various tasks and industries.

  4. Operator Comfort: The cab is designed for operator comfort and safety, with ergonomic controls, excellent visibility, and noise reduction features.

  5. Advanced Technology: Incorporating advanced technology, this wheel loader offers features like electronic monitoring, automatic transmission, and remote diagnostics for optimal efficiency.


  1. Construction: The XCMG 5-Ton Wheel Loader is a construction site powerhouse. It excels in tasks such as loading and transporting heavy construction materials, digging, and site preparation.

  2. Mining: In mining operations, it's used for hauling and loading mined material into trucks, increasing production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

  3. Quarrying: Quarry sites benefit from its exceptional load-bearing capacity, making it indispensable for moving large quantities of rock and aggregates.

  4. Agriculture: On farms, this wheel loader is utilized for handling bulk feed, loading manure, and assisting in various agricultural tasks.

  5. Logistics and Warehousing: In logistics and warehousing, it aids in material handling, stacking, and transporting goods within storage facilities and distribution centers.

  6. Waste Management: It plays a vital role in waste recycling and management, helping load and transport waste materials efficiently.

  7. Snow Removal: In regions with heavy snowfall, the wheel loader equipped with a snowplow or snow blower clears roads, parking lots, and sidewalks.

  8. Landscaping: Landscapers use it for grading, moving soil and mulch, and transporting landscaping materials for large-scale projects.

General Information

  • MakeXCMG
  • Model"GMK6300L"
  • BrandZL50GN
  • Year2019
  • Vehicle Fleet15

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