zoomlion Crawler Excavator


zoomlion Crawler Excavator

Doha, Qatar

The Zoomlion Crawler Excavator is a versatile and powerful piece of heavy machinery designed to excel in a wide range of construction and excavation applications. Here's a comprehensive description of its usage:

  1. Excavation and Digging: The primary and most fundamental usage of the Zoomlion Crawler Excavator is for excavation and digging tasks. Whether you're digging trenches for utilities, creating foundations for buildings, or preparing sites for landscaping, this excavator is equipped to efficiently and precisely remove earth and debris.

  2. Material Handling: With its robust design and hydraulic capabilities, the excavator is ideal for material handling tasks. It can lift and transport heavy materials such as concrete blocks, steel beams, pipes, and more with ease. Various attachments, such as grapples and hooks, can be added for specific material handling needs.

  3. Demolition: When equipped with a breaker or hydraulic hammer attachment, the Zoomlion Crawler Excavator becomes a powerful demolition machine. It can efficiently dismantle structures, break up concrete, and remove debris during demolition projects, improving efficiency and safety.

  4. Site Cleanup: After construction or demolition activities, the excavator can be used for site cleanup. It can scoop up and remove debris, clear construction sites of unwanted materials, and load them onto trucks for disposal or recycling.

  5. Utility and Pipeline Installation: This excavator is well-suited for digging trenches and excavating holes for utility and pipeline installations. Whether it's water lines, sewer pipes, or electrical conduits, the machine's precision and power ensure accurate and efficient digging.

  6. Landscaping and Grading: Landscaping projects benefit from the excavator's ability to shape terrain and create features like ponds, embankments, and terraces. It can also be used for grading surfaces to ensure proper drainage and a level foundation for construction.

  7. Road Construction: The excavator plays a crucial role in road construction by excavating roadbeds, clearing vegetation, and shaping slopes. It can efficiently handle tasks like cutting ditches, building embankments, and placing culverts.

  8. Mining and Quarrying: In mining and quarrying operations, the Zoomlion Crawler Excavator can be used to extract minerals, rocks, and aggregates from the earth. Its power and durability are assets in rugged mining environments.

  9. Forestry Operations: In forestry applications, the excavator can be equipped with specialized attachments to handle tasks such as tree felling, stump removal, and log handling.

  10. Custom Attachments: The excavator's versatility is enhanced by its ability to accommodate various attachments, making it adaptable to specific job requirements. These attachments include buckets for different materials, thumbs for improved grip, and augers for drilling holes.

General Information

  • BrandZoomlion
  • Model2022
  • Operation weight21500 KG
  • Equipment FeaturesMax. Digging Depth-6610 Max. Digging Height-9615 Max. Dumping Height-6785

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