Foton 32 M3 Heavy Trailer


Foton 32 M3 Heavy Trailer


The Foton 32 M3 Heavy Trailer finds its application in various industries and scenarios where the transportation of heavy and bulky goods is essential:

  1. Construction: Contractors and builders use this trailer to transport construction materials such as sand, gravel, cement, and steel reinforcements to and from job sites. Its large capacity allows for efficient material handling.

  2. Agriculture: Farmers utilize the trailer to transport harvested crops, livestock, and agricultural equipment. Its durability and ruggedness are crucial for handling the demands of the farming industry.

  3. Mining: In the mining sector, the trailer plays a vital role in moving heavy machinery, ores, and minerals from extraction sites to processing facilities or transportation hubs.

  4. Logistics and Freight: Freight companies and logistics providers rely on the Foton 32 M3 Heavy Trailer to transport oversized cargo, machinery, and industrial equipment, ensuring timely delivery to customers.

  5. Forestry: In the forestry industry, this trailer assists in transporting logs, timber, and forestry equipment from remote forested areas to processing mills.

  6. Infrastructure Development: Infrastructure projects, such as road construction, often require the efficient transport of construction materials, and this trailer is well-suited for this purpose.

  7. Waste Management: Municipalities and waste management companies use these trailers for the collection and transportation of large quantities of waste and recyclables

General Information

  • BrandFoton
  • Model2015
  • Seat2
  • Cylinder6

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