19 M3 IVECO Dump truck


19 M3 IVECO Dump truck


The 19 cubic meter (m³) IVECO Dump Truck is a heavy-duty vehicle engineered for efficient transportation of loose materials in a wide range of industries. Its robust design and generous capacity make it an essential asset for numerous applications. Here's a description of its applications:

  1. Construction Sites: The 19 m³ IVECO Dump Truck is a workhorse on construction sites. It transports construction aggregates like sand, gravel, crushed stone, and construction debris with ease. Its large capacity helps optimize material delivery, reducing downtime.

  2. Mining Operations: In mining, where vast quantities of ore, rocks, and overburden need to be moved, this dump truck is invaluable. It can handle the heavy loads and rugged terrain often encountered in mining environments.

  3. Quarrying: Quarry operations involve extracting large quantities of stone, rock, and minerals. The IVECO Dump Truck efficiently transports these materials from the quarry face to processing or storage areas.

  4. Earthmoving Projects: During earthmoving and excavation projects, this dump truck helps transport excavated soil, rocks, and debris away from the work site. It contributes to keeping the work area clean and organized.

  5. Waste Management: Municipalities and waste management companies use these dump trucks for collecting and transporting bulk waste, such as construction waste, green waste, and other materials to disposal sites or recycling centers.

  6. Agriculture: In agriculture, the dump truck aids in tasks like transporting harvested crops, fertilizers, and soil amendments. It can also be used to remove agricultural waste and debris.

  7. Landscaping: Landscaping companies employ the dump truck to transport soil, mulch, rocks, and landscaping materials to create and maintain gardens, parks, and outdoor spaces.

  8. Road Construction: During road construction and maintenance projects, the dump truck hauls asphalt, gravel, and road-building materials to the job site. It plays a vital role in road infrastructure development.

  9. Infrastructure Development: Infrastructure projects like bridge construction, tunneling, and the building of dams and reservoirs require the efficient transport of materials, and the IVECO Dump Truck excels in this regard.

  10. Environmental Remediation: When cleaning up contaminated sites or performing environmental remediation, the dump truck helps transport hazardous or non-hazardous waste to designated disposal or treatment facilities.

  11. Emergency Response: In disaster recovery and emergency response scenarios, these dump trucks can be used to remove debris, rubble, and damaged materials from affected areas, facilitating recovery efforts.

  12. General Material Transport: Beyond specialized industries, the IVECO Dump Truck is adaptable for transporting various loose materials, including sand, gravel, topsoil, agricultural products, and industrial bulk goods.

General Information

  • BrandIVECO
  • Model2018
  • Seat2
  • Cylinder6

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