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Construction Water Supply

Construction Water Supply

Water is one of the most crucial building materials since it is necessary for the production of mortar, the mixing of cement concrete, and other curing processes. The strength of the motor and cement concrete during building is directly impacted by the quality of the water utilised. Alkalis, acids, oils, salt, sugar, organic materials, plant growth, and other substances that might be harmful to bricks, concrete, or iron must be kept to a minimum in the water used for curing and mixing. Water impurities can harm the hardening process of concrete, introduce undesirable silt and clay, and corrode metals. They can also diminish concrete's strength by up to 25%. So it's crucial to guarantee the water quality utilised in construction needs. We provide quality water for the construction of your buildings high and firm. Our quality construction water supply service complementing your requirements is the best known in the state of Qatar. We have 15 fleets of vehicles for carrying in water for your construction needs ranging in 3000 GLN, 3300 GLN, 5100 GLN, 6000 GLN capacities.

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